Top 5 Ideas For Vinyl Wrapping Your Motorcycle Helmet

If you own a motorcycle, your helmet is, without question, the most important piece of equipment that you possess, even more so than your bike, as your helmet could literally be the difference between life and death.

Head safety is not to be taken lightly, as even the seemingly mildest of traumas, could have devastating consequences. By wearing a helmet – as required by law, the likelihood of you suffering from these consequences will be greatly reduced.

However, safety doesn’t have to be boring. Showing off your new custom designed helmet could make riding all the more fun and exiting. There are a huge range of motorcycle helmets and vinyl wraps on the market, and since you can now customise and personalise them, there is definitely one out there just right for you.

Whilst some people are happy with the odd cheap and tacky sticker here and there, more people nowadays are taking motorcycle helmet customisation to a whole new level. Here’s a look at what kind of customisation is available for your helmet. And if you’re looking for a motorcycle helmet customisation kit or paint protection film, we highly recommend visiting the 3domWraps shop to find kits for Arai, Shoei, Shark, AGV, Bell & more.

Go bold

When we see most helmets on the road, they are generally dull and plain looking. Not only is this tedious, but it may also be a little dangerous as the darker the helmet, the harder it may be to see the rider, especially during the night and poor whether conditions. So, turn up the notch! By vinyl wrapping your helmet, you can customise it in the colour of your choosing. In this case, the bolder the better, as not only will it look great, this will improve visibility massively, and that is certainly nothing to be ‘brushed off’.


Keep it simple

Although having a fluorescent coloured helmet could increase your visibility, those sort of colours just aren’t for everyone, and that’s perfectly fine! Because the range of choice is substantial. A dark coloured helmet doesn’t necessarily mean boring, and could actually make them look less tacky if your bright helmet is covered in random, over the top stickers.


Face decal

We all have different interests, and with vinyl wrapping, you are bound to find a helmet that suits you. Big Marvel fan? Customise your helmet with your favourite character from Spiderman to The Joker. The choice of decals is limitless, and you will be most surprised when you see the options available, from the most wacky to the suavest, the possibility is endless.


Pinstripe designs 

Simple yet effective. Pinstripe designs are all the rage in the motorcycle helmet world, and rather than going with pinstripes that have been painted on, you could consider going with a vinyl wrap in a pinstripe design instead. Ideally you can go with a helmet of one solid colour, with pinstripes in an entirely different colour, and the best part..these colours are entirely up to you!


Branding your helmet

Branding decals are most seen on professional racers helmets, to advertise their sponsors. However, branding decals on motorcycle helmets, even in the unprofessional world of riders, have become extremely popular in the world of riders, simply because they look cool. Who knows, perhaps this guys just a really big fan of Monster?


So, that’s the top 5 ideas for vinyl wrapping your motorcycle helmet. The possibilities are endless, but the choice is up to you..we know it will be a hard decision. Which is your preferred choice of helmet? Let us know in the comments below!